Subject: RE: support with openssl 1.1.0x

RE: support with openssl 1.1.0x

From: Kees Dekker <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2017 16:01:51 +0000

I also found a minor issue on Linux: the configure script expects the openSSL libraries in <PREFIXDIR>/lib64, although these are (for openssl 1.1.0c) in <PREFIXDIR>/lib.
Not sure whether this is related to openSSL 1.1.0.x, but is it supported?


From: Kees Dekker
Sent: Wednesday, January 11, 2017 17:49
Subject: support with openssl 1.1.0x


In openssl 1.1.0x a lot of things have changed, e.g. no explicit init is needed (see, renaming functions and different interface (no EVP_MD_CTX_new) etc (see also for more changes).

In short: is libssh2 1.8.0 supported with openssl 1.1.0x (and higher)? Or shall I still use openSSL 1.0.x?

I think, the way how openSSL changed their code is almost impossible to resolve in a compatible way. Something is addressed by using the macro DOPENSSL_API_COMPAT=0x10000000L, but that does not solve all.
I can try to fix things and propose patches, but I'm unsure whether this is the right way to go. Please let me know your thoughts.


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