Subject: [PATCH] VMS updates

[PATCH] VMS updates

From: Craig A. Berry <>
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2016 21:41:18 -0500

A few years ago Jose Baars ported libssh2 to OpenVMS. I took it for a spin recently and there were a handful of changes necessary to catch up with changes since. I’ve attached five patches generated with git format-patch and also include the commit messages inline below. Please let me know if there are any questions or a better way to submit these.

commit 57f7f6e2a92b3cc1699e569ccdc489be79421791
Author: Craig A. Berry <>
Date: Sun Mar 13 13:29:16 2016 -0500

    Tweak VMS help file building.

    Primarily this is handling cases where top-level files moved into
    the docs/ directory. I also corrected a typo and removed the
    claim that libssh2 is public domain.

commit 54fe6cef48102c73c5dac3ea15d18eb216c76359
Author: Craig A. Berry <>
Date: Sun Mar 13 10:20:10 2016 -0500

    Build with standard stat structure on VMS.

    This gets us large file support, is available on any VMS release
    in the last decade and more, and gives stat other modern features
    such as 64-bit ino_t.

commit 7b539d654e5aa4670866742dbe719999afffd1d7
Author: Craig A. Berry <>
Date: Sat Mar 12 18:46:04 2016 -0600

    Update vms/libssh2_config.h.

    VMS does have stdlib.h, gettimeofday(), and OpenSSL. The latter
    is appropriate to hard-wire in the configuration because it's
    installed by default as part of the base operating system and
    there is currently no libgcrypt port.

commit 49aeaf04138e0fe90f7c691d568ff0baa2454cbe
Author: Craig A. Berry <>
Date: Sat Mar 12 18:32:21 2016 -0600

    VMS can't use %zd for off_t format.

    %z is a C99-ism that VMS doesn't currently have; even though the
    compiler is C99-compliant, the library isn't quite. The off_t used
    for the st_size element of the stat can be 32-bit or 64-bit, so
    detect what we've got and pick a format accordingly.

commit e1b1ba0c8fef782717c90f816507bd3d991ae1ac
Author: Craig A. Berry <>
Date: Sat Mar 12 18:11:33 2016 -0600

    Normalize line endings in libssh2_sftp_get_channel.3.

    Somehow it got Windows-style CRLF endings so convert to just LF,
    for consistency as well as not to confuse tools that will regard
    the \r as content (e.g. the OpenVMS help librarian).

Craig A. Berry

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