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Subject: Re: time to release a new version?

Re: time to release a new version?

From: Will Cosgrove <will_at_panic.com>
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2015 09:43:19 -0700

Both patches look innocuous enough. My only question is why is the public key being trimmed in the first place and will this effect the key exchange? It seems a less invasive fix would be to check pubkey_len > 0 before decrementing the length instead of removing the decrementing all together.


> On Sep 25, 2015, at 1:24 AM, Salvador Fandiño <sfandino_at_gmail.com> wrote:
> On 09/25/2015 02:25 AM, sisyphus1-sFbbPxZDHXw0n/F98K4Iww_at_public.gmane.org wrote:
>> I'm having difficulty accessing the above links. (I suppose it's
>> possible if I do the requisite research.)
>> Is there a way to grab the patches from the mailing list archive ?
>> The two posts are visible at:
>> http://www.libssh2.org/mail/libssh2-devel-archive-2015-08/0027.shtml
>> and
>> http://www.libssh2.org/mail/libssh2-devel-archive-2015-08/0015.shtml
>> but I haven't found a way of grabbing their attachments.
> You can get them from the gmane archive using a web browser:
> http://news.gmane.org/gmane.network.ssh.libssh2.devel
> (though, in my opinion, the interesting thing about gmane is its mailing-list to nntp gateway service)
> Anyway, I am attaching the patches here again.
> <0001-Detect-bad-usage-of-libssh2_channel_process_startup.patch><0001-Fix-off-by-one-error-when-reading-public-key-file.patch>_______________________________________________
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