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Subject: Re: Question about an eventloop.

Re: Question about an eventloop.

From: Salvador Fandino <sfandino_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2015 09:20:17 +0200

On 08/25/2015 11:38 PM, Peter Stuge wrote:
> Stef Bon wrote:
>> With fuse the kernel sends requests to the backend/server which have
>> an unique id. This makes it possible to map IO coming from the
>> server to the original request. As far as I can see this is
>> required to make async work. Is there such an unique id with SSH?
> No. Please read the protocol RFCs. They are readily available.
> draft-ietf-secsh-filexfer packets have a request-id though.

Right, all this conversation seemed to be ignoring that there are two
differemt protocols: SSH and SFTP.

Also, googling for "xattr openssh" reveals that a similar discussion
already happened several years ago on the sshfs mailing list and that a
patch implementing an extension for xattr was submitted to the OpenSSH
bug tracker. It has not been accepted yet, though.


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