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Subject: Questions about libssh2_sftp_read()

Questions about libssh2_sftp_read()

From: Nitin Deokate <ndeokate_at_qualys.com>
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2014 06:21:03 +0530

Hi Guys,

I have couple questions to the libssh2 developers:

1. I have an application, where I use libssh2_sftp_read(), and I pass
larger buffer(say 8K to 16MB) to same function,

What I expect is, data of same bytes, but all I get is 2000Bytes.

What could help me to get as equal to the buffer size I passed and not 2000

2. Is it any significant reason for selecting value for

#define MAX_SFTP_READ_SIZE 2000

Why it can’t have more bytes than that?

Has anybody faced this scenario before, please revert as early as possible.



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