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Subject: [libssh2] #283: my handshake function not working

[libssh2] #283: my handshake function not working

From: libssh2 Trac <trac_at_libssh2.stuge.se>
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 2014 23:22:33 -0000

#283: my handshake function not working
 Reporter: rohitcool4050 | Owner:
     Type: defect | Status: new
 Priority: high | Milestone: 1.4.3
Component: API | Version: 1.4.2
 Keywords: libssh2_session_handshake() | Blocked By:
   Blocks: |
 int libssh2_session_handshake(session, sock) this my function . in my app
 I was earlier using EMAIL , MQ , and FTP services . Now i want to add SFTP
 . My code of SFTP using LIBSSH2 libraries are working fine . but when am
 combining the code with my app code then the int
 libssh2_session_handshake() API is getting failed as my app getting
 crashed without any return values . please help . thank you

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