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Subject: Port forwarding through gateway

Port forwarding through gateway

From: Velichko Yuriy <velichko.yuriy_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2013 21:21:43 +0300

I use direct tcp connection to communicate with application on remote
Is there a way to make port forwarding of the third computer in the local
network that avaliable from the gateway server.


I found the example how to make this with terminal

ssh -L user_at_8.8.8.8 ssh -L 127.1:9999:127.1:80

Can I do something similar with libssh2?

PS: Should I make two sequentially direct connection, first make port
forwarding from gateway, and after using forwarded port make new forwarding
from remote machine?


Best Regards!

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