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Subject: Re: Bug in libssh2 - missing data on reading

Re: Bug in libssh2 - missing data on reading

From: Michelle Munson <michelle_at_asperasoft.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2013 03:17:02 -0700

I should have mentioned that this only seems to occur with libssh2 v
1.4.2 in a Windows client application, against an OpenSSH server on
Windows. The same version in the Windows client against an SSH server on
Linux does not exhibit this problem.

On 3/19/13 3:10 AM, Michelle Munson wrote:
> We are using libssh2 v 1.4.2 and experiencing a bad bug/problem of
> some kind in the data read from the libssh channel.
> The data streams skips large chunks from time-to-time, and only
> reproduces on networks with moderately high packet loss. We did not
> see this behavior in libssh2 1.3 for the same code. Does anyone know
> what this might be or have a fix?
> Thanks,
> Michelle

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