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Subject: tickets #250, #254, #256 writes -> LIBSSH2_ERROR_BAD_USE ->stuck

tickets #250, #254, #256 writes -> LIBSSH2_ERROR_BAD_USE ->stuck

From: Chris Hecker <checker_at_d6.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2013 01:35:34 -0800

Hi, I recently started using libssh2 called from perl's Net::SSH2, and I
started running into this exact issue
(https://trac.libssh2.org/ticket/256) and was wondering if yet another
complication here might be calls from a scripting language where thunks
are used to get into libssh2, and those might not preserve the same
exact pointer on subsequent calls, even if the data from the scripting
language is the same. It's almost like the failure case in this ticket
https://trac.libssh2.org/ticket/250 due to the buffer being on the
stack, but it's happening at a different level than the stack issue.

This old thread from 2011 is also relevant:


It just seems like requiring the exact pointer on subsequent calls is
going to be brittle no matter what, and it's going to keep breaking in a
lot of different ways.

I guess, practically speaking, is there a patch to fix the known cases
of this bug, or a timeline for fixing it/them?

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Received on 2013-02-19

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