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Subject: Re: Question: using ssh-agent as "protected memory" storage.

Re: Question: using ssh-agent as "protected memory" storage.

From: Fellow Traveler <fellowtraveler_at_rayservers.net>
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2012 16:15:37 -0700


Fill with shock and dismay that such a C++ class does not already exist,
I was forced to write it myself.

If anyone else needs to use it, FYI the header and CPP file are here:



Currently it works with Gnome Keyring, KDE KWallet, Mac Keychain, and
Windows DPAPI. (For storing and retrieving secrets.)

-Fellow Traveler

On 7/2/12 11:50 PM, Fellow Traveler wrote:
> Hello,
> Sorry to bother you all but I have already done a lot of research online
> and haven't come to a satisfactory answer.
> **** All I want, is to be able to store a small piece of data in
> "protected memory", and then retrieve it again later. ****
> I am already doing some pretty tricked-out stuff to store this data in
> my own RAM, but that's not good enough -- I'd prefer to use some sort of
> "standard" protected memory, versus trying to do it myself.
> On Windows there is a function called "VirtualProtect" which does this,
> and I thought perhaps ssh-agent might be able to provide the same
> functionality on UNIX.
> Is this possible? If not, what is the best way to go about doing such a
> thing?
> ---
> Alternately, is it possible to use ssh-agent for encrypting/decrypting
> data using a key stored inside ssh-agent? Because this would also solve
> my problem. Does libssh2 allow me to encrypt/decrypt using the
> identities, similar to how it allows me to authenticate using the
> identities?
> ---
> I'm not trying to do anything on a remote machine, either. I just want
> to talk to the local ssh-agent running on the same machine (for the
> purpose described above.)
> Thoughts?
> ---
> Thanks in advance for your feedback / suggestions.
> -Fellow Traveler
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