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Subject: libssh2 MorphOS patch

libssh2 MorphOS patch

From: Leif Salomonsson <dev_at_blubbedev.net>
Date: 01 Aug 2012 19:21:58 +0100


I ported libssh2 to MorphOS (http://www.morphos-team.net).
I would like to have changes merged with main tree if possible.
Patch file attached. Here is a description of the changes:


Because of collissions with bsdsocket send() and recv() functions,
some changes where made in libssh2_priv.h and session.c, where these
names where used for callbacks variables in LIBSSH2_SESSION.

Similar issue in agent.c, where ->connect() is changed to ->_connect_().

Again, libssh2_priv.h: struct _LIBSSH2_CRYPT_METHOD has a function
named "crypt", renamed into "_crypt_"

Some blocking mode set/get changes/fixes in session.c.

Some conditional additions to misc.c regarding _libssh2_send() and



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Received on 2012-08-01

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