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Subject: Re: libssh2 thread safety

Re: libssh2 thread safety

From: Peter Stuge <peter_at_stuge.se>
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 05:00:10 +0200

Jasmeet Bagga wrote:
>>> [libssh2] 0.956992 Socket: Recved 0 bytes banner
>>> [libssh2] 0.956996 Failure Event: -43 - Failed getting banner
>>> [libssh2] 0.957045 Transport: Disconnecting: reason=11, desc=, lang=
>> The log shows that the problem is very very early.
> JFYI, the problem was that the remote device has a very low rate
> limit for ssh connections and it was abruptly terminating ssh
> connections (after the TCP connection succeeded), leading to the
> above seen errors.


So one thing that could be improved about libssh2 here is the
reported error. Currently you get LIBSSH2_ERROR_SOCKET_RECV but it
could be made more clear that the connection was unexpectedly closed.

Do you have some suggestion for a more useful error code?

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