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Subject: Re: [PATCH] libssh2_channel_request_auth_agent

Re: [PATCH] libssh2_channel_request_auth_agent

From: Peter Stuge <peter_at_stuge.se>
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2012 18:44:44 +0100

Mitchell Hashimoto wrote:
> I really just copied the ssh2_exec.c example, which has all these
> same problems. I'll fix man

Not only the man page, look at how the existing API works, and make
the new one for agent forwarding channels work the same.

> and perhaps in the future I'll send another patch to fix up
> ssh2_exec as well.

That would be awesome! Meanwhile, suggest looking at other examples
for inspiration. tcpip-forward.c is fairly straight-forward, for

> I'll address the things you pointed out.

Great! Thanks!

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