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Subject: Re: memory leak in _libssh2_channel_open

Re: memory leak in _libssh2_channel_open

From: Henrik Nordström <henrik_at_henriknordstrom.net>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 11:09:26 +0100

mån 2012-02-27 klockan 21:17 -0700 skrev Steven Dake:

> I have found with my tracing patch I previously posted that the cause of
> the problem of the heavy leak was related to using the following api:
> libssh2_keepalive_config

Gah, keepalive again..

> If the code passes 1 in the want_reply parameter, the ssh server (fedora
> 16 opensshd) responds with a REQUEST_FAILURE (82) for every
> keepalive_send the code calls. I am not sure where the error is there,

It's the expected response. keep-alive is done using an unhandled

> but I'd expect a REQUEST_FAILURE would result in no packet allocation in
> packet add. I haven't provided a patch as I'm not sure exactly what the
> solution should be.

Errors also need processing, but no one is eating the keepalive error


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