Subject: Re: Potential remote listener bug

Re: Potential remote listener bug

From: Henrik Nordström <>
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2011 20:44:03 +0200

sön 2011-09-25 klockan 18:32 +0200 skrev Przemysław Szczygielski:
> There's some strange problem with remote listener. Strangely, it
> occurs In libssh2 and Putty (i know Putty is not connected to
> libssh2), it doesn't occur in Tunnelier or original ssh command. This
> bug shows up only when trying to use microsoft RDC.

My first reaction is to suspect a framing issue in the RDC client or
server protocol implementation, not expecting TCP reads/writes to be
repackaged in different sizes but same octet order. Have seen similar
problems in other TCP tunnel solutions.

> You may test it like this. Take a client C which is your workplace PC,
> your home ssh server S and your home workstation - W. You want to RDC
> to C from W.

I have no Windows sustems on either side i am afraid.


Received on 2011-09-25