Subject: Re: ANNOUNCE: libssh2 1.3.0

Re: ANNOUNCE: libssh2 1.3.0

From: Guenter <>
Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2011 15:43:36 +0200

Hi Daniel,
Am 06.09.2011 23:03, schrieb Daniel Stenberg:
> I'm glad to announce that I've just made libssh2 1.3.0 available on the
> site:
I just found that sftp_write_sliding.c and x11.c where missing in
release and daily snap tarballs; I've just added them to
example/ (bff91fe2a0eb5c6f35d1060f35dae879fc09d1f2) though
not sure if that's enough; but I dont see the samples *.c mentioned
elsewhere ...


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