Subject: [libssh2] #225: configure does not detect libgcrypt

[libssh2] #225: configure does not detect libgcrypt

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Date: Sat, 03 Sep 2011 16:55:30 -0000

#225: configure does not detect libgcrypt
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      Type: build error | Status: new
  Priority: normal | Milestone: 1.2.9
 Component: crypto | Version:
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 OS: FreeBSD 8.2 i386 (but probably irrelevant in this case)
 LibSSH2 version: 1.2.9
 Libgcrypt version: 1.5.0

 Libgcrypt builds fine, all tests pass, it is installed somewhere in my
 home directory (i.e. not system wide).

 I try to configure libssh2 as
 ./configure --without-openssl --with-libgcrypt --with-libgcrypt-
 (and some other options). LIBGCRYPT is a directory, libgcrypt is installed
 to (include, lib et al. are relative to it).

 The command fails with:
 configure:13542: error: cannot find OpenSSL or Libgcrypt,
 try --with-libssl-prefix=PATH or --with-libgcrypt-prefix=PATH

 If I take a look into config.log, I notice it tries to compile a test file
 without specifying include dir (-I ...):
 configure:13503: gcc -o conftest -g -O2 conftest.c -lgcrypt >&5
 conftest.c:24:20: error: gcrypt.h: No such file or directory

 And gcrypt.h is, logically, not found even though it does exist in

 If I try to build with OpenSSL (1.0.0d), it builds fine (and make check is
 successful) and configure set the -I flag correctly.

 Please find attached two config.log files:
 - config-gcrypt.log (attempt to build with libgcrypt)
 - config.log (successful build with OpenSSL)

 I suppose something must be fixed in configure. Any hints how to do it
 manually are welcome.

 PS. how to attach files? I have ticked the "I have files to attach to this
 ticket" but still can't do it.

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