Subject: RE: SFTP download speeds

RE: SFTP download speeds

From: Mononen Jussi <>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 20:58:14 +0200

> > When we use this approach we have a significant over-read
> for small
> > files. If we for example were to write an application that
> moves over
> > a directory with 100 files, each being 20 bytes, we would perform
> > terribly slow and waste a lot of bandwidth.
> One approach could be to use a slow-start that only queues a
> few over-reads at the start, then increases the window
> exponentially to a maximum of 4 MB as data is read. This
> shouldn't penalize the small file case much while (hopefully)
> allowing large file transfers to happen reasonably quickly.

AFAIK this is what OpenSSH does, it starts with few packets and then starts to fill the bandwidth.

Amazing improvements on perf!


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