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Subject: Re: SSH library hacker meetup at FOSDEM?

Re: SSH library hacker meetup at FOSDEM?

From: Aris Adamantiadis <aris_at_0xbadc0de.be>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2010 17:50:01 +0100

Hi Daniel,

Took me some time to write an answer but I'm at it now.
I'm going to be at Fosdem, and maybe Andreas. I think having a little
face to face would be a very nice idea.
I was planning to present a lightning talk at fosdem, but giving a talk
in the devroom is interesting too. I think the presentation would be a
little different, since the public would be too (lightning talk has
more an advertisement value, you cannot be technical in 15 minutes).

I'll keep you posted.


Le 09/11/10 13:42, Daniel Stenberg a écrit :
> Hi friends!
> (This mail is cross-posted to both the libssh and the libssh2 mailing
> lists, as I believe most people are just subscribed to one of them.)
> I've previously talked briefly with a few guys in #libssh (on freenode)
> and I talked with Peter Stuge (of libssh2) this weekend, so this isn't
> coming completely out of the blue for everyone...
> How about a little face to face SSH library hacker meetup at FOSDEM? I
> believe the "Security / hardware crypto" devroom sounds like a perfect
> place for it.
> Possibly, we could arrange for one presentation each to present our
> libraries to each other and to the crowd, for the fun of it and for the
> education value.
> I don't have any other intentions behind this suggestion. Meeting in
> person puts a face to a name and since we're not that many persons
> actively working on open source SSH libraries it could be cool to get to
> know each other a bit more. I can only see benefits from that!
> Of course everyone and anyone would be invited to join.
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