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Subject: RE: sftp uploads greatly improved

RE: sftp uploads greatly improved

From: Mark Riordan <mriordan_at_ipswitch.com>
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2010 20:35:26 -0600

Peter said:
>> but I haven't tried with over a network with delays.
> Loopback on Windows?

Watch out - Bill Gates knows where you live.

>> If I remember correctly, the multiple-packets-pending optimization
>> hasn't yet been applied to downloads.
> And removed from uploads, because it is tricky to keep the API
> working like it used to with that optimization. Maybe we should
> just introduce new API to get the better performance.

Oh, I didn't catch on that that is what was removed.
Well, I'd certainly be very interested in a new API to address
this. I may not be able to use libssh2 without this optimization,
due to performance expectations from my users.



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