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Subject: [libssh2] #160: Blocking indefinitely in _libssh2_wait_socket

[libssh2] #160: Blocking indefinitely in _libssh2_wait_socket

From: libssh2 Trac <trac_at_libssh2.stuge.se>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 10:45:47 -0000

#160: Blocking indefinitely in _libssh2_wait_socket
 Reporter: dietmar11 | Owner:
     Type: enhancement | Status: new
 Priority: normal | Milestone:
Component: misc | Version: 1.2.4
 Keywords: | Blocking:
Blockedby: |
 I would suggest a default timeout in the call to select
 in file session.c, line 526, as already indicated by the comment:
     /* Note that this COULD be made to use a timeout that perhaps could be
        customizable by the app or something... */
     rc = select(session->socket_fd + 1, readfd, writefd, NULL, NULL);
 as it is possible, that using this function will block api calls
 indefinitely, which renders them useless in practical implementations.
 (I am using libssh2 on about 150 Windows XP SP2 machines and encountered
 this issue several times within a few weeks).

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Received on 2010-02-22

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