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Subject: Re: [libssh2] #117: crash with libgcrypt

Re: [libssh2] #117: crash with libgcrypt

From: libssh2 Trac <trac_at_libssh2.stuge.se>
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2010 12:48:47 -0000

#117: crash with libgcrypt
  Reporter: fdupoux | Owner:
      Type: defect | Status: closed
  Priority: normal | Milestone:
 Component: crypto | Version:
Resolution: wontfix | Keywords:
  Blocking: | Blockedby:
Changes (by josefsson.org):

  * status: new => closed
  * resolution: => wontfix


 Your application needs to set a libgcrypt mutex. Unfortunately, libssh2
 cannot do this for you because libssh2 doesn't know which threading
 package you use. This is the same for all applications using libraries
 that use libgcrypt. For help, see for example the GnuTLS documentation on


 Like GnuTLS, libssh2 is thread-safe internally. I'm tagging this as
 wontfix because I don't see us being able to do anything more here.


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