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Subject: RE: Cross-compiling

RE: Cross-compiling

From: Neil Gierman <ngierman_at_roadrunn.com>
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2010 22:23:41 -0600

> I guess the 1.2.3 release will come soon.

Do we have date for 1.2.3? I don't mind testing a snapshot but I can't
include a snapshot in any of my releases.

> It would be a great opportunity to test widely, since it is the first
> release in a long time (0.18 last, right?) that handles larger blocks
> correctly.

Yes 0.18 was the last release that (for me at least) worked with my 64K
buffer size. I know I need to go down to 32500 max for the current fix but
I'm trying to wrap up a release right now. So I will start testing the
latest code as soon as I get this release off my back.

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