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Subject: Hang in libssh2_sftp_readdir

Hang in libssh2_sftp_readdir

From: Mike Taylor <mike_at_codeshorts.ca>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 20:37:39 -0400

Hi guys,

First off, thanks for your hard work on libssh2. It's tremendously
useful project! I have an iPhone application that uses libssh2
(Briefcase). The current version of it has been pretty solid, using
libssh2 v0.18.

I'm working on a bug fix release, and I'm using the git master branch
of libssh2. I had tried using the 1.1 branch, but I hit the timing bug
where channel reads would sometimes return 0 bytes. That problem is
fixed for me, but now I have a new problem.

Now, I'm getting sporadic hangs when calling libssh2_sftp_readdir.
This only happens when I'm accessing remote Linux servers (e.g. my Web
Faction and Dreamhost servers). Local directory reads of OS X machines
on my WiFi network seem reliable. The old version of my iPhone app
reads directories from the same remote servers quickly and reliably.
So, it's a regression between v0.18 and v1.1.

I have made no real changes to any of my other SSH code in the mean
time. I will continue to track this, and will enter a bug into the bug
tracker. But I thought I'd give you a heads up and see if anyone had
any suggestions!

Thanks again, I'll let you know if I learn more.

Mike Taylor

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