Subject: Re: release time soonish?

Re: release time soonish?

From: Dave McCaldon <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 22:38:10 -0400

On Jul 14, 2009, at 4:15 PM, Guenter wrote:

> I've now followed the *.dsp discussion here, and we had such
> discussions
> very often already (just not long ago again on libcurl list); and
> finally many agreed when I suggested that we better should concentrate
> on making proper nmake files rather than looking at each of the
> different build crap of the various MSVC versions; AFAICT the nmake
> makefiles work with _all_ MSVC compilers from commandline + are
> importable into a *.dsp / *.vcproj or whatever else M$ things is good
> for developer's confusion :)

I completely agree with you, nmake makefiles should work on any
version of VS or VC way back to at least VC 6.0 and it should be
pretty easy to support compilers for AMD64 and Itanium via the usual
CFLAGS type variables.

> So I would drop the *.dsp at all - a proper nmake makefile is far
> easier
> to maintain than those crappy project files - beside this _only_ nmake
> makefiles can be used at all for any kind of automatic builds.

It is possible to invoke Visual Studio via the command line using the
'devenv' tool; it goes something like this:

devenv myproject.vcproj /useenv /build "debug|Win32"

Now the "debug|Win32" allows you to specify the build configuration
(i.e. debug vs release) and also the build target, in this case Win32,
but it could be "x64" or "Itanium" (assuming you have defined those
targets in the project).

> I've never tested, but probably its even possible to call the MSVC IDE
> from a batch and instruct it via args to automatically read the
> nmakefile and convert it to a project file ...

I think that the last time I tried that (way back with VC 6.0), what
it did was simply wrap the makefile in a dsp (i.e. the DSP contained
no commands other than to execute nmake against the makefile, it
didn't "read" the makefile and generate the equivalent dsp project).

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