Subject: RE: release time soonish?

RE: release time soonish?

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 00:27:20 +0200 (CEST)

On Tue, 14 Jul 2009, Mark Smith wrote:

>> Can you explain what WINAPI is and does and how it differs
>> from the LIBSSH2_API define?
> WINAPI is used by Windows to define __stdcall, it is needed for callbacks
> that need to be exposed by the caller

Callbacks? But you declare the callbacks in your code. Why does libssh2 have
to change anything for them to be exposed properly? And isn't the key about
how it gets called, not about how it is exposed? I mean, a callback doesn't
have to be exposed at all.

Doesn't our LIBSSH2_API already make our external API use the correct exposure

>> Also, the patches for win32/libssh2_dll.dsp and
>> win32/libssh2_lib.dsp didn't apply for me:
> The dsp patches applied cleanly against the released 1.1 source, which is
> what they were generated against. I'm confident they also applied against
> the 1.1.1-20090702 snapshot I've been using; can I ask whether the version
> you're using has changed since then, for example are they still VC6
> compatible? If it's a problem I'm sure they can safely be ignored.

I - and I can only urge everyone else who works on libssh2 and write patchs
for it etc - am working with the latest git version.

> I don't know what specific patch you're talking about so I can't tell!
> I found it under the thread rooted at:
> I've updated it to work with the 1.1 tree and it certainly works fine for
> the cases I use! I didn't have time to make any other changes, such as
> stubs for GnuTLS as was suggested, but if you want the updated diff I can
> send it over.

I'm interested, but not for 1.2. I'm feeling far too lonely on the committing
front to take on any new work before I can ship the next release.

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