Subject: RE: release time soonish?

RE: release time soonish?

From: Neil Gierman <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 15:38:35 -0500

> that wouldnt help much here since he uses a MinGW cross compiler; that
> means that the compiler runs natively on Linux and uses system's
> autoconf magic; thus its only a 'normal' configure build which uses
> another compiler / linker to target win32.

Correct, MinGW32 won't help. DSP files are for "native" windows builds using
Visual Studio/Visual C++

> I've now followed the *.dsp discussion here, and we had such
> discussions
> very often already (just not long ago again on libcurl list); and
> finally many agreed when I suggested that we better should concentrate
> on making proper nmake files rather than looking at each of the
> different build crap of the various MSVC versions; AFAICT the nmake
> makefiles work with _all_ MSVC compilers from commandline + are
> importable into a *.dsp / *.vcproj or whatever else M$ things is good
> for developer's confusion :)

Can you please point me to the documentation that you found to be able to
import NMake Makefiles into dsp/vcproj projects? I wouldn't mind setting up
that environment for my build environment but everything I have found did
not cover importing an existing nmake makefile into a project, but instead
covered creating a new nmake based project from scratch.

> So I would drop the *.dsp at all - a proper nmake makefile is far
> easier
> to maintain than those crappy project files - beside this _only_ nmake
> makefiles can be used at all for any kind of automatic builds.

Just FYI. I build automatically using DSP/VCProj files using Visual Studio's
MSBuild command line system. This will load either a project or solution
file in and build the target listed on the command line. Maybe it's not the
best solution as what you employ but I'm not sure I can sell the effort it
would take to either maintain my own vcproj files based on reading nmake
files, or migrating my build environment to compile libssh2's code from an
nmake process as a pre-build event before building all the rest of my source
using MSBuild.

> I've never tested, but probably its even possible to call the MSVC IDE
> from a batch and instruct it via args to automatically read the
> nmakefile and convert it to a project file ...

I understand we all have different preferences for build platforms and
process, but the current DSP's work and just need to be modified to include
the new "agent.c" that was recently added. Please don't suggest we scrap a
process and format that Windows native dev's are comfortable with. The main
reason I can to libssh2 after failing with the other libssh project was
specifically because of the lack of Windows support in the other libssh
project, I don't think I am the only one that came to that conclusion.


Received on 2009-07-14