Subject: Re: release time soonish?

Re: release time soonish?

From: Guenter <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 22:15:22 +0200

Hi Peter,
Peter Stuge schrieb:
> Neil Gierman wrote:
>> Dave, if you don't have a GNU Automake environment, I might be able
>> to send you a snapshot from my sandbox that has the DSP files
>> generated using my patch....
> That sounds great.
>> unless someone has a better "official" way of testing a snapshot
>> before it's committed.
> I think Simon had something set up to do automated cross builds for
> win32. Could you share some of that Simon? Maybe it's even useful to
> put into a script in the source root for developers?
that wouldnt help much here since he uses a MinGW cross compiler; that
means that the compiler runs natively on Linux and uses system's
autoconf magic; thus its only a 'normal' configure build which uses
another compiler / linker to target win32.

I've now followed the *.dsp discussion here, and we had such discussions
very often already (just not long ago again on libcurl list); and
finally many agreed when I suggested that we better should concentrate
on making proper nmake files rather than looking at each of the
different build crap of the various MSVC versions; AFAICT the nmake
makefiles work with _all_ MSVC compilers from commandline + are
importable into a *.dsp / *.vcproj or whatever else M$ things is good
for developer's confusion :)

So I would drop the *.dsp at all - a proper nmake makefile is far easier
to maintain than those crappy project files - beside this _only_ nmake
makefiles can be used at all for any kind of automatic builds.

I've never tested, but probably its even possible to call the MSVC IDE
from a batch and instruct it via args to automatically read the
nmakefile and convert it to a project file ...

my 3ct.


Received on 2009-07-14