Subject: Re: agent patch

Re: agent patch

From: Thomas Stover <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 14:03:55 -0500

Ok I took the .diff file from and
looked at it. Based on the top part of that I'm assuming it is for
version 1.0. So I grabbed and unpacked that. Now previously I had a 1.1
build from yesterday, which I installed into my home dir so as to not
corrupt my clean package managed system with --prefix. So I uninstalled
it with "make uninstall" first.

mv libssh2-1.0 libssh2-1.0-clean
patch -p0 < libssh2-agent-v2.diff
cd libssh2-1.0-clean/
./configure --prefix=/home/thomas/

which gets the following unresolved symbols trying to build the example
../../src/.libs/ undefined reference to
../../src/.libs/ undefined reference to
../../src/.libs/ undefined reference to

some light investigating yields:
nm src/.libs/ | grep agent
                 U libssh2_agent_get_all_keys
                 U libssh2_agent_read_publickey
000000000001b980 T libssh2_userauth_publickey_fromagent_ex
                 U libssh2_userauth_sign_with_agent

Any ideas?
Received on 2009-07-10