Subject: Re: Commit emails, patch authors and git log messages

Re: Commit emails, patch authors and git log messages

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 13:49:55 +0200

Peter Stuge wrote:
> First line of commit message good,

Hm, I noticed that there's not (yet? ;) a strong habit of summarizing
the patch in the first line.

At least with git it's common to write a brief description in the
first line of the commit message. This is what is shown in shortlog
on gitweb, and it is useful for emails.

Optionally followed by a blank line and more chatter.

And for others who are submitting patches, feel free to add:

From: Your Name <your_at_email>

inside the patch. git will pick that up and use your name as author.
Or for committers, just add that from the email header for patches
you did not write yourself.

git-am (or git am) is great for applying patches from email, just
feed it the mbox file(s) and it does the right thing. :)

An example:


This wasn't committed by Nathan, as can be seen here:;a=commit;h=86f79fbf61c2018bdf009c7ebf92b38f3a16fd0c

But Nathan is still listed as author in the shortlog:;a=summary

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