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libssh2-devel post from requires approval

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I've been working with the 1.1 release for Windows using VC6 and stock
openssl/zlib, and having a few problems recently; I've only just spotted the
snapshots, but a new release sounds very good to me!

One thing first: I have had to customise the callbacks to declare them as
__stdcall so that other Windows development languages will use them
correctly, such as VB6 and .NET; I can look through my changes and post a
diff if that helps. Also, I can provide the resulting built DLL if anyone
needs it.

My reason for all this is because I needed a .NET SFTP library for
PCI-compliant logging, so I've written one in VB.NET, wrapped around
libssh2, which is going well. That part I doubt I can release since it's
for work purposes.


Mark Smith

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