Subject: [libssh2] [ libssh2-Bugs-2064371 ] Illegal '-' used in identification banner

[libssh2] [ libssh2-Bugs-2064371 ] Illegal '-' used in identification banner

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Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 09:46:26 +0000

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Summary: Illegal '-' used in identification banner

Initial Comment:
RFC 4253, section 4.2, states that:

        "Both the 'protoversion' and 'softwareversion' strings MUST consist of printable US-ASCII characters, with the exception of whitespace characters and the minus sign (-)."

However, the LIBSSH2_VERSION define in libssh2.h, which is used to build the 'softwareversion' part of LIBSSH2_SSH_BANNER and LIBSSH2_SSH_DEFAULT_BANNER, contains a '-' between the version number and the date.

I haven't encountered any clients that complain over this, but it is a violation of the RFC and also trivial to correct, so it should be.

I would suggest simply replacing the '-' with a '_'.

Bjrn Stenborg


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