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Subject: Re: [libssh2] All Your Mem Belongs to Us

Re: [libssh2] All Your Mem Belongs to Us

From: Mikhail Gusarov <dottedmag_at_dottedmag.net>
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 16:24:03 +0600

You (daniel_at_haxx.se) wrote:

 DS> 3. Does this really need to alloc and free this area for every
 DS> call to libssh2_packet_read() ? It seems like a pretty huge
 DS> overhead to me. Is there anyone working on fixing this?

libssh2 development seems to be stalled now, as Sara is busy with
another things. I think you may ask her about the CVS access and
improve library.

Mikhail Gusarov
JID: dottedmag_at_jabber.dottedmag.net
Received on 2006-11-10

the libssh2 team