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libssh2 vs libssh - A comparison

libssh2 and libssh both implement SSH and provide a library API for apps. Both support SSH, SFTP, auth, channels etc. Both are 25K-30K lines of code.

Here's an attempt to put some light on the differences between them.

libssh2 1.2.7

libssh 0.4.x

(It could be noted that libssh's primary development is nowadays done in their 0.5 branch and once that becomes their release branch we'll update this comparison)

Feature by feature

The same data, in a table:

Licence BSD LGPL
Non-blocking API everything parts
Server-side supported no yes
Stable API yes no
C compatibility C89 C99
strict namespace yes no
man pages for all functions yes no
SSHv1 support no yes
Build concept Autotools CMake